"I've been stuck in 8-bar loops for weeks, lost in ridiculous tiny details for days. I started to doubt my ability to even make music. You can learn in hours what took me years to figure out!"

I was focused on the wrong things.

Yes, it took me years to finally realize...

I wanted results and I wanted them straight away. I compared my own tracks to those of the producers I admired and those of my friends. My tracks sucked. So, all those tunes remained unfinished on my hard drive.
I was focused on the wrong things.

This habit of comparing my own results to that of others, and the impatience behind it,  caused me to feel bummed out quite often, as you can imagine.  You probably also know well by now that when you're bummed out you don't make much music!

It was a downward spiral.

Something had to change...

How I Found Flow...

One day, on a needed break from a frantic kick and bass EQ obsession session, I wondered about the difference between me and a successful producer friend I studied audio engineering with, apart from the fact that he was now a world-renowned producer.

It was then that it dawned on me.  I had lost the plot. I was too focused on the results. All the joy of music production was gone for me, because I wanted a certain outcome and comparisons with other producers made this worse.

It took me a further 3 long Skype calls with a good producer friend and a lot of thought to figure it out.

"My peers who did well had a system and process that caused flow...

... and flow is what leads to more music. More music, as you may have guessed, leads to better music."

What made the difference...

I wish I could tell you that the realization I had changed everything for me.  I wish I could say the change in focus was all I needed. It wasn't.

It was however a start in the right direction.  My new focus on my own process allowed me to analyze my workflow and habits and adjust the way I worked.

I also started to learn new ways of working from producer friends.  At the same time I finecombed the internet for any hints, tips, techniques or strategies I could find and implement to improve my workflow.

And, yes, slowly but surely,  I started to finish tracks faster and more often.  So, much so that I managed to finish 11 tracks in under 2 months.  This was just outrageous for me at the time because it took me two weeks on average to finish a new track back then.

OK, so the tracks weren't masterpieces. What was important was that they were finished.  This is what counts.

Would you like to know what made the difference for me?

You can right now discover in less than 1 hour what took me years to learn, and you can apply it straight away!

I've taken all the music production workflow and creativity tips, techniques and strategies I've picked up over the years and put them in my new online course called "Studio Flow".

The aim of this course is to help you make more music, in a consistent and reliable way

What do you learn as you go through Studio Flow?

Inside Studio Flow:

ProducerCode: Studio Flow helps you get out of your own way to produce more tracks:

  • Learn to know and beat your #1 enemy.

  • Get the right perspective, the perspective that is conducive to productivity in the studio.

  • Discover tips, insights, tricks and techniques that help you find your flow and increase your output to the level where you know it could be.

  • Turn your music production talent into something you can rely on time and time again to deliver quality results.

  • Feel fantastic when you start to crush it on a regular basis!

What You Have Inside Studio Flow:

  • Online Video Lessons

    27 insights and practical strategies and tips delivered in 45 mins of short rapid-fire videos all focused on helping you overcome blocks, beat Resistance and start to produce like a pro within weeks.

  • Action Plan

    A 5-week Action Plan with exercises designed to increase your creativity, productivity and totally destroy all self-imposed obstacles in your way.

  • Bonus Insights & Tips

    Get even more workflow and creativity tips from 2 other professional producers who have contributed their insights to Studio Flow.

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